Global Fear Enterprises is a full service make-up, character and visual effects studio specializing in design and creation of prosthetics, conceptual design, video production, props, costumes and custom creations. Global Fear Enterprises diverse team of make-up artists, sculptors, concept designers, costume designers and prop builders have created and executed innovative special effects for films, haunted attractions and commercial campaigns. Whatever the size of your project and budget our mission is to keep you 10 steps ahead of the competition with our unique hyper stylized conceptual designs. We are the teeth in the dark.

Matt Valentine

Matt ValentinePRIMARY SPECIALTY: Hyper-stylized conceptual design (Art Director)

Matt Valentine is a completely self-taught artist. Known for his hyper-stylized conceptual designs, he has received the monikers "Makeup’s MVP" and "The Pimp Of Darkness". Matt believes his purpose and duty as an artist is to save the horror industry. His philosophy is that horror must be lethal and dangerous to be worthwhile. Taking a very psychological approach to making monsters he tries to interject subliminal esoteric symbolism into each piece he creates. Matt is weary of predisposed horror and wants to introduce original terrifying abominations unseen before to traumatize the masses. The diabolical mastermind behind GFE will stop at nothing to gain make-up immortality and global dominance through fear. For more information about Matt, visit his website at

Michael Faust

Michael FaustPRIMARY SPECIALTY: Ultra-intense training, leadership & research
GRADE: Executive (Research/Operations) 322

Controlled Chaos is the objective of Michael Faust. He forged an identity for himself utilizing unconventional & irrational techniques for actor training and sales purposes. Dubbed an Agent of Chaos, Michael injects every performance with raw aggression and lack of self preservation. Labled "The Tyler Durden of the Industry" Mike has an uncanny ability to recruit and lead followers to his cause no matter how destructive or heroic it may be. Well-read in the occult, paranormal, religious, and psychological teachings. his research helps manifest the abominus vision of GFE.